Flagship Models & Tools

Flagship Models & Tools

The Flagship category of models and tools is a selection of our very best models, profiles, interviews & tools (they can be found elsewhere on the website and also here, for a more convenient experience).

Mental Models

Leverage Models

Top universal mental models for working smarter and amplifying all areas of life 100x

Thought Leadership Models

Top mental models for thought leaders to develop and effectively communicate their rare and valuable trademark ideas

Super Thinking Models

Top mental models on supercharging your thinking, overcoming cognitive biases, and developing unique insights

Learning How To Learn Models

Top mental models on learning faster, remembering what you learn, and deciding what to learn next

Success Models

Top mental models on sculpting success and research-based goal achieving

Productivity Models

Top mental models for understanding and achieving incredible productivity

Entrepreneurship Models

Top mental models for product creation, marketing, branding, and seizing the opportunity as an entrepreneur

Personal Growth Models

Top mental models on personal transformation and reinvention, developing a growth mindset and resilience, and personal values

Decision-Making Models

Top mental models on making decisions, particularly when things are uncertain and when the stakes are high

Profiles & Mental Models Of Great Entrepreneurs

Mental Model Dictionary By Roles

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