Reinvention, Part 13: Reinvent Your Learning
Reinvention, Part 13: Reinvent Your Learning

Reinvention, Part 13: Reinvent Your Learning

Session #13 Quick Summary

In this session, we're going to discuss and learn about reinventing learning itself. We're going to go meta to learning, and we're going to ask ourselves, "What does it really mean to learn and to reinvent learning in our lives?"

Key Takeaways

  • The three levels and indicators of knowing when you know. [00:56]
  • Why you can stop at 1% learning. [05:53]
  • How you can maximize learning by meta-learning. [08:42]
  • The most powerful technique you can do for meta-learning. [13:45]
  • Why 80% of communication is miscommunication. [15:32]
  • How to overcome miscommunication by saying what you want to say in three different ways. [19:06]
  • Why active listening can help you communicate better. [19:56]
  • The common mistake people make when they teach. [21:32]
  • Why the future is about combined skills. [23:46]
  • Teaching a one-day class: an exercise. [25:37]


Learn by doing.
When you do the teaching, you're learning at a higher level.

Exercise: Teach-To-Learn

1) Ask yourself “What is the thing that has been most valuable to learn in your life?”

2) Go out and talk to people who might want to learn that, and ask them the following questions:

  • What are your wants and aspirations?
  • What are your fears and frustrations?
  • What kind of reinvention are you going through?

3) Teach a one-day class.

That way, you can learn it at another level and you can learn about them. You're not teaching the class to teach, you're teaching it in order to learn.

4) After you teach the class, notice your thoughts the day after and the week after.

Notice what comes back into your mind, the insights that you have, because that's when the learning really arrives for you.

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