Reinvention, Part 1: Welcome To Reinvention
Reinvention, Part 1: Welcome To Reinvention

Reinvention, Part 1: Welcome To Reinvention

Session #1 Quick Summary

Together we're going to learn about how to reinvent ourselves personally and professionally, in our business, in our personal life and literally all through our lives.

Key Takeaways

  • What you have to do to go the next level in your life. [01:55]
  • Why reinvent now? [01:55]
  • There's more opportunity than ever, but.. [03:48]
  • What it means to become a reinventor. [05:30]
  • How you can take all of your skills, knowledge and relationships, and put them together to create value on a higher level. [6:29]
  • Reactive reinvention vs. active reinvention. [15:17]
  • Creativity is at the heart of reinvention. [18:13]
  • What creativity really is. [19:07]
  • Reinvention is not just a change of role. It's also a change of identity. [19:57]

Reinvention Mindsets

  • Mindset #1 - Change and learn faster, as businesses, roles, careers, and entire industries will have shorter and shorter lifespans. [7:18]
  • Mindset #2 - Opportunity is growing exponentially. The biggest opportunities require reinvention. [09:51]
  • Mindset #3 - Reinvention is a natural part of life and evolution. It is natural. We have been doing it for millions of years. We have been reinventing our bodies and our minds. [10:46]
  • Mindset #4 - When we transcend, we don't abandon. Take everything that you learned before and put it together in new ways. [10:46]


Acceleration requires adaptation.
I really am going to die, so I need to live.
Traditionally, life has been divided into two main parts: a period of learning followed by a period of working. Very soon, this traditional model will become utterly obsolete, and the only way for humans to stay in the game will be to keep learning throughout their lives and to reinvent themselves repeatedly.—Yuval Noah Harari


Think back through your life, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where have you invented?
  • Where have you already reinvented?
  • Where have you reinvented reactively?
  • Where have you reinvented proactively?
  • Where did you become something more than what you were before?

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