Reinvention, Part 10: Reinvent Your Thinking
Reinvention, Part 10: Reinvent Your Thinking

Reinvention, Part 10: Reinvent Your Thinking

Session #10 Quick Summary

In this session we're going to focus on reinventing our thinking.

Key Takeaways

  • Defining meta cognition. [00:10]
  • The two questions that help people move beyond their experience. [02:31]
  • Eben’s experience growing up poor. [03:19]
  • Revisiting previous versions of yourself and your previous realities. [06:45]
  • Mental models are “maps” that you master in different fields. [10:05]
  • Examples of great mental models you can use for business. [10:59]
  • How to combine mental models from different fields for even more power. [13:40]
  • Three different perspectives to take when reinventing your thinking. [15:57]
  • One of the cornerstone skills of the future that everyone should learn. [17:56]
  • Innovation by combination. [19:36]
  • Why insight is the ‘Pareto of the mind.’ [21:33]


Metacognition is very important because it helps you release some of the grip on who you used to be.
We want to expect thinking to change as we reinvent.
Focus on the 20% that gets you 80% of the results. If you're focusing on mental models, you're going to want to focus on those that get you the most results.
As you learn mental models and you connect them to each other and you start using them together, that's where you get the real power.
Notice your thoughts, be here, be present right now.
Creativity is taking the things that you are learning, the skills that you have, the relationships that you have, the environments that you have and putting them together in new and novel ways to see what the result is.
Putting things together in a new way, that's an innovation all by itself.


Practice using the 80/20 mental model in a few different areas of your life, by using the 


Also, practice applying the Pareto principle in your physical, emotional, and conceptual life every day, by simply asking, “What's the 20% that gives me the 80%?” – this makes everything in your life a lot more efficient.

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