Emergence And Vertical Development
Emergence And Vertical Development

Emergence And Vertical Development

Quick Summary

Emergence And Vertical Development is one of the models we talked about as a part of the Mental Model Summit #1 we held back when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing.

Life organizes itself into emergent levels. These levels extend down to the atomic and subatomic levels, as well as up into our solar system, galaxy cluster, supercluster, universe, and multiverse levels.

The fascinating thing about emergence is that at each level, entities maintain their integrity, even as they combine and build. At each level of organization, the formative structure retains its original identity within the larger structure:

  • Subatomic particles combine to make >
  • Atoms, which combine to make >
  • Molecules, which combine to make >
  • Organelles, which combine to make >
  • Cells, which combine to make >
  • Tissues, which combine to make >
  • Organs, which combine to make >
  • Bodies, which combine to make >
  • Families, which combine to make >
  • Communities, and so on...

Developmental psychology theorists tell us that this set of emergent orders also governs psychological development. We go through orders of development that transcend and include the previous orders.

The reason this is important is that systems go through periods where they come into high polarization, which often looks like chaos, heat, and friction, where everything looks like it's about to break down. But what often happens is there's an emergence, a breakthrough to a higher order of complexity.

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Masterclass Part #1

Below is the recording of the entire Summit in two parts. Emergence & Vertical Development model is talked about in Part 2 below.

Masterclass Part #2

The Emergence & Vertical Development part starts at 26:57.

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