Adult Development
Adult Development

Adult Development

Quick Summary

This month we're learning about development and developmental models. These are some of the most important and profound models that we’ve learned and work on together.

Development is interesting and important because once you understand this model, you have a sense of how to go to the next level in life. You start to understand transformation and reinvention, and how to really achieve things in a highly leveraged way.

The developmental models started with Jean Piaget, who noticed that his children made certain types of mistakes in their reasoning, but they were using different levels of reasoning errors as they developed through childhood. The model of how we go through these developmental levels that he's discovered has been taken up by hundreds of other researchers, psychologists, and transformational thinkers, who born this out in lots of other domains.

The reason we like these models so much is that it’s a lot different than the way our society conventionally does adult development, which is either:

  • One-off conversations. You find somebody who's older or more experienced, and maybe in a moment where you're each reflective, you're trying to extract their wisdom or understand how they see reality differently.
  • Figuring it out ourselves. A lot of times, we're figuring it out ourselves, but most often we only get a glimpse, we're not really getting a reality of how our worldview changes between different phases of our life.

Let's try a more systematic approach.

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