Aging (Research Brief)
Aging (Research Brief)

Aging (Research Brief)

Quick Intro

Here you can find the results of my research on aging.

I create research briefs to serve as a foundation for writing future articles, a template for collaborating with other researchers, and to research individual topics over years. After lots of experimentation initially, this format has remained stable for over five years.

This 92-pages long document contains my organized notes and within them, the 80/20 of information on aging:

  • Key terminology used in the field
  • The best resources to consume (podcasts, videos, articles, studies)
  • The highlights of the best resources so you can get the best ideas from the best resources faster
  • The top 1% thought leaders to follow so you can stay up-to-date and go deeper
  • How-to information to help you apply the ideas

Research Brief Contents

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