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The Super Adapter Mastery Manual will help you understand how to adapt better, how to turn change and adversity into success, and what that can mean for your life. This mental model can (and should) be applied across domains, from personal to professional, to increase your ability to not only survive, but to thrive through change and stressors.

We're all dealing with more change in our lives — more kinds of change and more accelerating change. We're dealing with change in multiple dimensions (technology, culture, products, family, social distancing, etc.), which inevitably leads to more surprises. The challenge comes when surprises arrive and we have to juggle different things that are potentially causing a lot of stress. This can not only be very stressful, but it can take our eyes off the ball of what we need to focus on: how we're creating value.

This can lead to a double tragedy:

  • We're not focusing on the thing that produces value in life.
  • We're getting stressed and potentially less healthy.

I tend to think that we're natively designed to deal with a more stable environment. The evolutionary environment that we come from used to be a little more consistent from the beginning to the end of life. In other words, our lives used to look pretty much the same at age 20 as they did at 30, 40, 50 and beyond, with the exception of getting older. But now we've entered a time I like to call The Great Acceleration where the nature of change itself is changing.

That is why we need models for how to think differently, how to successfully navigate our professional and personal lives, and how to succeed amidst change and adapt to it so that change becomes an advantage.

The big question is, can you do it?

Can you adapt yourself, or even program yourself, to become stronger as challenges become more diverse and complex?

The answer is yes. This manual will show you how.

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