Hero's Journey
Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey

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Hero's Journey is one of the models we talked about as a part of the Mental Model Summit #1: Models To Think, Learn And Decide Better In A World Of Uncertainty we held back when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing.

We're all familiar with the Hero's Journey. However, most of us aren’t aware that this is one of the most valuable models any human has ever discovered.

We've been refusing the call to become our greatest selves, to take care of this planet, to really think through what we're going to do if there's a major problem. Now we've been pushed over the threshold by the pandemic, and we are now going on what is probably the first collective Hero's Journey that we've been on.

As our friend Camille says:

You can find where you are in the Hero's Journey in every different domain of your life. You can figure out where you are in the Hero's Journey in your personal life, in your business life. You can figure out where you are in your Hero's Journey with health. You can figure out where you are with your Hero's Journey with your relationships, with money.

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Masterclass Part #1

Below is the recording of the entire Summit in two parts. The Hero’s Journey is talked about in Part 1 at 41:53.

Masterclass Part #2

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