Reinvention, Part 11: Reinvent Business
Reinvention, Part 11: Reinvent Business

Reinvention, Part 11: Reinvent Business

Session #11 Quick Summary

In this session, we’re going to discuss reinventing business.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Kiyosaki’s developmental model. [00:01]
  • How to reinvent vertically in a traditional paradigm of working inside an organization or business. [01:37]
  • The ways businesses are shifting away from standardization. [03:05]
  • How we can be the head of our own little personal economy. [05:44]
  • The entrepreneur's mindset. [06:02]
  • How to capture a lot of value as an entrepreneur. [08:44]
  • Creating your customer avatar. [13:42]
  • Why you should be reinventing yourself with the customers, your marketing, and your product. [15:17]
  • Reinventing your customer avatar to differentiate yourself from other businesses. [18:52]
  • How to see your age and experience as your business advantage. [21:40]

Quotes the root of entrepreneurial success is “make it happen”.
It's important to surround ourselves with people that make it happen.
The mindset is 20% of the things that you try as an entrepreneur will work out the way that you want them to work.
To create value in the world and then to get a lot of value back in the form of money and profit, you have to find things that work better.
Don't waste a lot of time trying to make it perfect because the reality is four out of five times, it's not going to work out the way you want it anyway.
Unfortunately, most people start companies, they create products and they create marketing not by first going out and asking people. They're just creating what they think people should want.
Have a vision for your customers that's bigger than they even have for themselves.—Jay Abraham
Figure out what your best customers have in common, and then figure out what their reinvention is, what's common to their next level, and then market and sell that.
As a teacher, a leader, and a mentor, you're defined by how many people go beyond you.

Exercise: Find Your Super Avatar

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably know what your customer avatar looks like.

Now, what does your Super Avatar look like?

In other words, who are your best customers for your products and services, or potential customers for your products and services?

1) Start by asking yourself, “What is their next level? 

What is their next-level potential? What is their reinvention in their own life? Where are they going?”

2) Then, ask these best (current or potential) customers the following questions:

  • What's next for you?
  • What are your challenges?
  • Where do you want to go with your life? Look out three, five, 10 years.
  • What's the next level for you and your personal life? With your family, your friends, your social life?
  • What's the next level for you and your business? With your investments, money, finance?
  • What are your opportunities?
  • What are your wants and aspirations?
  • What are your challenges?
  • What are your fears and frustrations?
  • What are your wants and aspirations?

Get a clear view of who they want to become, and then get into the business of helping them do it. And if you start selling their next level to them, they will buy something from you, and will stay with you.

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