Reinvention, Part 5: The Fundamental Types Of Self
Reinvention, Part 5: The Fundamental Types Of Self

Reinvention, Part 5: The Fundamental Types Of Self

Session #5 Quick Summary

There are two patterns or principles or forces of self - kind of like yin and yang, or what I would call agency and communion.

Key Takeaways

  • The differences between agentic and communal types of individuals and cultures. [01:05]
  • The mid-life transformation. [05:57]
  • Why it’s important to identify and develop non-dominant aspects of the self. [08:49]
  • The Me type and the We type dynamics in a relationship. [12:51]
  • Understanding the role that differentiation and integration play in reinvention. [17:03]


Your non-dominant or your dormant aspect is a hidden power source.
When you're reinventing yourself, it's about taking different components in your life and putting them back together into a higher emergent self.


1) What is your primary type?

  • Are you more of a “me type” or more of a “we type”?
  • Are you more of an agentic type or more of a communal type?
  • Which one is your primary archetype? / Which one is your dormant or shadow function?

2) How can you make the decision now to activate and develop your dormant function/shadow type and then integrate it into your next reinvention?

Use the following questions to guide your thinking:

  • Do you need to start spending more time with people professionally or personally?
  • Do you need to go off and start a business and do your own thing?
  • What do you need to do to develop the type that isn't your strong suit?
  • How can you be more integrated professionally and personally?

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