Reinvention Part 14: Reinvent Value
Reinvention Part 14: Reinvent Value

Reinvention Part 14: Reinvent Value

Session #14 Quick Summary

In this session, we're going to reinvent value itself.

Key Takeaways

  • What is value? What does it mean to value something? [00:06]
  • Why our values change depending on which of our needs are not being met. [04:19]
  • When the things we value the most in life, and the things we spend the most time on don’t line up. [09:01]
  • How to choose your values. [11:05]
  • Why our fear of losing something is a strong motivator. [13:04]
  • How to get your conscious and unconscious in sync with your values. [14:47]
  • What higher-order value is, and how to create it. [15:46]
  • The four orders of knowledge, and how to achieve the highest order of knowledge through role modeling. [21:02]
  • How to get clear on your values and choose the values you want: exercise. [24:51]


When you reinvent, value itself changes. What you find valuable won't be the same.
Wisdom is knowing when to take action and when not to take action.

Exercise: Clarifying And Choosing Your Values

1) Make a list of all the things that you really value.

Try to write down all the things toward and away from you.

What do you want and what do you want to avoid next?

2) Put these things in priority order and ask yourself, “How do I know if I got the value?”

For example, if you value love and affection, how do you know that you got love and affection? Is it physical affection (e.g. touching)? Does someone have to say things? Do they have to buy you a gift?

3) What do you want your values to be? 

In other words, what is the reinvention of your values? What do you think you will value when you evolve to the next level? How do you think your values will change?

4) How do you become a role model for these values?

How do you role model for others that this is what you value and how do you start living that way? And how do you start surrounding yourself with others who have those values?

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