Reinvention, Part 3: Initiation
Reinvention, Part 3: Initiation

Reinvention, Part 3: Initiation

Session #3 Quick Summary

In this session, we’re going to be discussing initiation and crossing the threshold into your transformation and into your reinvention.

Key Takeaways

  • The power of coming-of-age rituals. [00:00]
  • What is the Hero’s Journey? [02:12]
  • What is your Hero’s Journey? [06:41]
  • Your greatest asset in the journey of reinvention. [07:40]
  • Why we love to stay inside of our comfort zone. [08:38]
  • Where the real reinvention starts. [10:12]
  • How to reduce suffering in our life. [13:02]
  • How to use discomfort to fuel your transformation. [16:26]
  • A powerful three-word reframe when going through discomfort. [18:14]
  • The Caterpillar-Butterfly metaphor. [19:05]
  • How to ride the “waves” of reinvention. [21:43]
  • Are there any truths that you're starting to doubt? [22:48]
  • What is the transformational dilemma? [23:45]


Your greatest asset is the story of the journey itself.
Suffering equals pain multiplied by resistance.—Shizen Young
...a lot of times in life we have to take a couple of steps back before we can then take steps forward.


1) Where are you at in your Hero’s Journey?

  • Have you heard the call to adventure? Have you refused it?
  • Have you crossed over the threshold?
  • Have your mentor and friends shown up?
  • Are you going through trials and tribulations? Are you at your destiny decision?
  • Are you coming back now? Are you giving the Elixir to others (teaching others what you know, so that they can get the benefit of your Hero's Journey)?

2) What truth are you starting to doubt?

  • What was it that you held to be rock solid, but you’re not so sure anymore?
  • Where are your values changing?
  • Where are they not compatible with your old way of life? Where can you just not live this way anymore?
  • Where are you experiencing your own transformational dilemma (where you can see the opportunity, but you don't want to let go because of your “security blanket”)?

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