Reinvention, Part 6: Reinvent Yourself
Reinvention, Part 6: Reinvent Yourself

Reinvention, Part 6: Reinvent Yourself

Session #6 Quick Summary

Self-design, in both senses: we’re designing ourselves and we’re doing it ourselves. And to do self-design, you have to get some meta-cognition.

Key Takeaways

  • Designing the self through meta-cognition. [00:00]
  • How to get in touch with the next level with the idea of the “super self”. [04:21]
  • Putting together the components of your Tower of Self. [09:18]
  • Revisiting previous levels of yourself to move forward: an exercise. [16:53]


There's a potential for us to move beyond ourselves.
To get to the next level, it really requires doing it with others.

Exercise: Layers Of Your Super-Self

Go back in your life and tease out at least two layers of your life to your previous selves —  previous past lives that you've lived personally and professionally.

Then, fill out the Tower Of Self components:

  • Catalyst activator
  • Formative Experience Imprints (Positive / Negative)
  • Comrades, friends, influences, mentors
  • Foes, villains, enemies
  • Skills learned, models as lenses
  • Identity imprint

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