Reinvention, Part 9: Reinvent Your Emotions And Relationships
Reinvention, Part 9: Reinvent Your Emotions And Relationships

Reinvention, Part 9: Reinvent Your Emotions And Relationships

Session #9 Quick Summary

In this session, we’re going to discuss reinventing in the emotional and social domain.

Key Takeaways

  • The emotional and social domain as a different reality. [00:00]
  • The shortcut to development success. [03:00]
  • Attachment Theory and its role in the development of the society. [04:39]
  • The difference between regulating and controlling your emotions. [08:44]
  • One powerful method for regulating your emotions. [11:26]
  • Why coping and deserving are at the root of self-esteem and confidence. [12:30]
  • How to think about in-groups and out-groups in the emotional and social domains. [16:25]
  • An important skill you need to master as you’re reinventing. [20:45]
  • Collaborating to reinvent: creating a third kind of intelligence. [26:02]
  • How to welcome conflict resolution when reinventing. [32:57]
  • Practicing self-regulation by recalling a triggering situation: an exercise. [35:25]


If you want to change yourself, pay attention to your social influences.
A great collaboration is like an exponential multiplier of power.


Think about a time recently when you got triggered, or you got activated.

It might've been at work, or in a personal relationship.

First, remind yourself that as an adult that you're responsible for your own nervous system now and that you can regulate it — not control it, but you can give it some support. You can give it some help.

Then, remember that time when you got triggered, and see if you could get a little bit of the feeling back and then just practice.

Imagine that you would have stopped, you would have felt the emotion then and you would have started breathing.

Take a deep breath and breathe right into that emotional feeling.

Wherever it is, just send that breath right into that feeling and just stay with that emotion.

Breathe in and breathe out. And don't take your attention off of that feeling and just keep breathing until eventually that emotion goes through its wave and then goes out.

And as you're developing, as you're reinventing, as you're becoming more of a leader, it is so important to be able to regulate your nervous system because that's how people will trust you.

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