Reinvention, Part 4: Reinvent “You”
Reinvention, Part 4: Reinvent “You”

Reinvention, Part 4: Reinvent “You”

Session #4 Quick Summary

In this session, we’re going to discuss the idea of "me" — of "you" as a self-concept, as a person, as a personality... and getting in touch with your unique gifts, and then revisioning them and reinventing them for higher purposes.

Key Takeaways

  • How our brains differ as much as our bodies. [01:12]
  • What most of us fail to do with skills that come naturally to us. [03:33]
  • The distinction between being associated and dissociated. [05:23]
  • The triune brain and the internal and external realities. [06:22]
  • Finding your unique type of genius. [11:03]
  • What are beliefs? [14:01]
  • Eben’s experience in marketing. [17:29]
  • Examining one limiting belief that a lot of people have. [19:02]
  • Why you’ll never reach your highest level. [20:07]
  • What the “critical counterintuitive” is. [22:59]
  • How to future-proof your thinking. [24:52]


Each of us has a unique way of looking at reality.
There's always another level [of reinvention].


Take on the identity of becoming a reinventor. Do the following exercises:

1) How many times do you think you're going to reinvent in your life?

Here are some ideas...

  • I plan to keep reinventing and working forever.
  • I'm never going to stop.
  • I'm going to probably reinvent at least 10 more times.
  • Etc.

2) Say these words:

“I am a reinventor. That's what I do. I am a reinventor. That's what I do.”

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