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Multiplier Skills

Multiplier Skills

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The core question that we should all be asking ourselves as card-carrying members of a rapidly evolving, advance knowledge economy is this:

What should I learn next?

Our answer to this question is one of the key drivers of our long-term success, because what we can do in the future is determined by what we learn today.

One of the reasons this question is so difficult to answer is because the choices are literally endless. Should we take a course on machine learning or AI or data science? Read a book on design or creativity? Work on our productivity and strategic thinking? Should we rush to brush up on blockchain, or improve our sales and marketing, or focus on viral social media strategies, or maybe learn a second language?

The answer is also complex because the universe of what we have time to learn pales in comparison to all of the knowledge that is out there. It’s like trying to fit a human through the eye of a needle. So, we have to make difficult choices. We have to say no to things that would be awesome to learn.

While many people espouse what skills are most important for the future, no one espouses a framework or mental model for deciding what to learn.

That’s what this Mastery Manual is for. The Multiplier Skills Mental Model gives you a formula for choosing what learning hurdle to conquer next. By the end of this manual, you’ll have a handy checklist to use as a roadmap on your path of lifelong learning. Let’s dive in.

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