100-Hour Rule
100-Hour Rule

100-Hour Rule

Quick Summary

The old model of success, one that many of us grew up with, consists of identifying the most in-demand skill to learn, and then doing it for life. The new model has new requirements: rather than focusing on one skill, it's about...

  • Finding a rare & valuable micro-skill that’s high-leverage
  • Learn it to mastery with deliberate practice and reverse-engineering
  • Integrate it with your overall skillset by practicing your skills together

Famous examples of this approach include Scott Adams, who combined cartooning skills with humor and business, and Banksy, who combines quotes with art and graffiti.

One of the most widely accepted models for achieving excellence is the famous 10,000-Hour Rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell. However, I’m making the case in this manual that with the 100-Hour Rule approach you get some more desirable benefits:

  • Reach mastery 100x faster
  • Stay motivated because you get tangible, immediate results
  • Build success upon success
  • Something is better than nothing. No adult does 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

So, rather than trying to climb this one big mountain that is the 10,000-Hour Rule, you're getting to the top of many smaller mountains and getting the benefits along the way.

Decoding Greatness is the best way to rapidly improve the journey, and much of this model is inspired by the book Decoding Greatness by psychologist Ron Friedman, which I highly recommend. The steps to decode greatness are:

  1. Select
  2. Collect
  3. Detect
  4. Decode
  5. Evolve
  6. Experiment

This approach is particularly relevant right now because the internet increases the speed of discovery and learning by 100x over the "library model" (learning stuff one book at a time).

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