Sell Your Sawdust
Sell Your Sawdust

Sell Your Sawdust

Quick Summary

What do you do with all the notes you took while learning or researching for an article?

In my experience, over 90% of the research and notes that went into an article never get used after the article is published, even though it contains invaluable knowledge.

90% is A LOT of waste, especially when you’re throwing away something that can be valuable to other people. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Selling Your Sawdust is turning the by-products of your learning process that you’d normally throw away into a valuable product.

There are numerous benefits to selling your sawdust:

  • Sharing what you’re learning signals your competence;
  • It builds relationships;
  • It helps you become world-class;
  • It deepens your own understanding;
  • You get paid for your knowledge;
  • There’s less waste in your learning process;
  • You can create impact (team, customers, fans);
  • It makes collaborating with other learners easier;
  • It helps you build an audience as you learn.

I’ve identified four main ways to create value through selling your sawdust:

  1. Recommendations, when you take time to go through the noise to discover and recommend something valuable,
  2. Summaries & Explainers,
  3. Your own trademark ideas,
  4. How To content.

This simple shift in the way you think about your learning process and its byproducts can bring surprising results really quickly, and I really recommend you give it a shot after you finish with the manual.

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