Hockey Stick Rule
Hockey Stick Rule

Hockey Stick Rule

Quick Summary

What do you do when there’s a new opportunity that could potentially be huge but you also don’t have time to waste in case it turns out to be a flop?

Remember when you first heard about Bitcoin? If you’re like most people, you are now probably regretting not investing in it 5 years ago. There are many opportunities like that but how do we know which ones deserve spending our time (and money)?

The idea behind the Mental Model Club is to present models that go across disciplines and last forever so that we can build up a foundation of knowledge that we can take and use for our entire life, across every area of our life.

Because the models are often undervalued, with this session we're looking into how the models can be applied to decode a time-sensitive opportunity.

One way I think about mental models now is as sort of a barbell. On the one hand, you want to build a foundation of mental models, and on the other hand, you want to be able to use that knowledge to have better situational awareness, to recognize opportunities before others, and to have ways to capitalize it.


So, on one end of the spectrum, there’s the knowledge that lasts forever, and on the other side, there’s very time-sensitive knowledge. The Hockey Stick Rule is a simple way to decide how to go about new time-sensitive opportunities, and in this manual, we will be applying it to a platform named BitClout. Later on, you can apply the Hockey Stick Rule to whatever new opportunity comes along.

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