Wisdom Wheel
Wisdom Wheel

Wisdom Wheel

Quick Summary


The Wisdom Wheel is a method for solving problems that uses humanity’s collective wisdom instead of relying solely on our own thinking and on trial and error.


How To Use It

When faced with a specific problem, you should:

  1. Categorize it as a type of universal problem (this manual gives two ways of categorizing, one from Ray Dalio and one from Systems Theory).
  2. Find the universal solutions others have successfully applied to this problem type.
  3. Narrow those universal solutions down to individual ones that apply to your specific situation.

Actions To Take

  1. Think of your problems as universal human problems faced by thousands upon thousands of people before you.
  2. More fully use data already on the Internet to find universal solutions to these universal problems (more details in this Mastery Manual).
  3. Get familiar with how Systems Theory deals with problems & solutions.
  4. Start doing a weekly Root Cause Analysis Call with a partner.

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