Goal Achievement
Goal Achievement

Goal Achievement

Quick Summary

This month we’re learning about goal design and achievement. More specifically, we’re diving deep on:

  • Understanding Value: How to identify goals worth pursuing in a world where many culturally celebrated goals prove ultimately empty.
  • Goal Design: How to set goals in a way that will excite you every day when you wake up rather than goals that you want to be excited about, but aren’t.
  • Goal Portfolio Design: How to determine the number of goals to pursue and balance your energy among them so that each goal moves forward rather than having a huge bucket list of goals you don’t really care about or being so myopically focused on one goal that you sacrifice more important ones in the big scheme of things.

We’ve all heard about goal setting and some of the most common techniques (for instance, SMART goals and BHAGs). But in this Mastery Manual we’re going to go several layers deeper. Also, it turns out that there has been a lot of new research within the field of goal theory, and some of that research overturns previously held conventional wisdom. For example, did you know that just visualizing a goal without thinking about the obstacles to achieving it leads to you taking less action?

This resource is 50-plus pages and represents 100-plus hours of work between Eben and myself over the last month to condense the best mental models in the world on this topic from researchers in the academic world, successful entrepreneurs and executives, and world-class billionaires. It’s all in one place so you have this ultimate action guide for getting what you want in life. Enjoy!

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