Interview With Cal Newport: Coming Up With Great Ideas

Interview With Cal Newport: Coming Up With Great Ideas

Cal Newport is the author of six bestselling books, including Deep Work and Digital Minimalism. He holds a computer science Ph.D. from MIT and has a tenured professorship at Georgetown.

When I first started writing for Forbes I reached out to him and asked for advice. This is what he said:

Readers are not seeking random clever ideas and interesting links (there are much better sources for that). They want to follow someone who is advancing a cause/point of view that intrigues, upsets, or excites them.

Some of the topics we covered in this interview:

  • Repetition And Iteration In The Ideation Process
  • What Makes A Quality Input
  • How To Have Rare And Valuable Ideas
  • Navigating The Idea Maze
  • Developing To The Next Level Of Performance
  • Flipping The Productivity Switch
  • Practice In A Way That Stretches You
  • Long-Term Productivity Prerequisites
  • Understanding Before Acting
  • Understanding Gives You Motivation And Confidence To Follow Through
  • How To Make Sure Your Smaller Goals Are Plausible

Edited Interview Transcript

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