Positive Feedback Loops
Positive Feedback Loops

Positive Feedback Loops

Quick Summary

What’s A Positive Feedback Loop?

Definition: A positive feedback loop happens when the output of a system feeds back into the system as its input.

You can think of them as a chain reaction of dominoes falling, gaining momentum, and becoming exponentially larger over time until they knock over the final “goal” domino with your money, business, health, learning, and relationships.

We often think of progress in a straight line, with blockbuster results available only to those who (a) take huge risks (b) get incredibly lucky (c) put in incredible effort. Positive feedback loops show us that small, consistent actions can create results that resemble linear progress at first—until they spike exponentially, creating virtually guaranteed, mega results.


The Power Of Positive Feedback Loops

Positive feedback loops are one of my top three mental models because:

  • They can be your competitive advantage in your career and business.
  • You can apply them in the most important areas of your life.
  • They’re a prerequisite for the 80/20 Rule (another top three model).
  • Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs use it as their core model (Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings, and Warren Buffett).
  • It is a success strategy that’s virtually guaranteed to work in the long run.

Where Positive Feedback Loops Fit In

Feedback tells us whether actions we’re taking are bringing us closer to our goals. Without feedback, there is no improvement.

Here’s how feedback fit within the bigger map of mental models:


Actions To Take

  • Action #1: Drop Your Urgency Bias
  • Action #2: Memorize Compound Interest Formula
  • Action #3: Use The Exponential Life Tool

Mindsets To Develop

  • Growth Mindset
  • Exponential Mindset

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