Jobs To Be Done
Jobs To Be Done

Jobs To Be Done

Quick Summary

Jobs To Be Done is one of the models we talked about as a part of the Mental Model Summit #1 we held back when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing.

This is a helpful framework that comes from Clayton Christensen, who unfortunately passed away a few months ago. He was a professor at Harvard who came up with the idea of disruption. He's one of the most widely-cited academics, and one of his ideas is Jobs To Be Done.

Basically, when you have a product or you're buying a product, you can look at it through the metaphor of your hiring the person to do a job for you, and that job could have functional aspects and emotional aspects.

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Masterclass Part #1

Below is the recording of the entire Summit in two parts. The Jobs To Be Done model is talked about in Part 2 below.

Masterclass Part #2

The Jobs To Be Done part starts at 1:14:00.

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