Total Customer Focus
Total Customer Focus

Total Customer Focus

Quick Summary

Last month, we did one of the most important models so far in the Mental Model Club, which was Think Like A Customer. The reason it is so important is that so many people in this group are entrepreneurs, want to be an entrepreneur in the future, or are in an entrepreneurial position within a company.

After the presentation, Eben and I continued to research the model, reading more than two dozen books on the subject.

As we did this deep dive into the subject, I began to realize two important points:

  1. I had a gut feeling that this is really important. Looking back over my entrepreneurial career of 20 years, I wish I had employed the Think Like a Customer model more consistently. And those times when I did practice it, it had a huge impact. So, we wanted to spend extra time on it.
  2. The process involves four models, not one. The Think Like A Customer model actually evolved from a more fundamental model called Total Customer Focus, which is the subject of this manual. In it, we’ll go over the foundation of customer focus that then leads into thinking like a customer, creating a product that markets itself, and using the 10,000 Experiment Rule to refine your process.

In other words, customer focus is a series of four models rather than a standalone model.


With that outline and background, let’s dive into Total Customer Focus, the foundation for the rest of the models.

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