Buyer Hot Buttons
Buyer Hot Buttons

Buyer Hot Buttons

Quick Summary

Buying Is Not A Normal State

We spend most of our time in a normal, predictable state of consciousness. Buying new things is not normal.

When someone goes from a normal state of consciousness to a buying state of consciousness, they're usually interrupted or activated somehow, either from the inside or from the outside. In other words, there are internal and external forces that push us into a buying state.

When people are in a buying state, they’ve reached a tipping point where they’ve come to the conclusion that they're going to have to fix or change something (e.g. They go outside and see that there's a crack in their car windshield. They need to fix it.).

In a buying state, the mind focuses and becomes more short-term. Whether it's the fear of something they're moving away from or a desire to acquire something they don’t possess yet, the thought process quickly shifts to the “Get my solution.” And when they're in that state of mind, they're really motivated.

Bottom line: People are rarely in buying states, but when they are, they think differently AND make decisions differently.

Buyers Need To Be Communicated To Differently

To communicate effectively with someone in a buying state, we need to do two things:

  • Understand who our buyers are and what makes them unique
  • Identify their #1 specific psychological-emotional motivator (meaning what motivates them the most to buy).

In other words, we want to identify our specific buyers’ hot buttons.


When we identify that buyer hot button, we can incorporate it into our marketing communications and in our sales process.

Why Buying Hot Buttons Are Important

The basic premise of why this buyer hot button model is important is that…

If you can identify what…

  • Grabs the attention of your customers
  • Motivates and inspires them
  • Gets them to purchase your product or service

And then factor it into your sales and marketing funnel, it can become extremely powerful leverage for growing your business.

It can mean that all of your social media ads, email copy, and sales page collectively convert 5-10x higher.

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