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In this manual, we cover three mental models for business success.

Because a lot of you are entrepreneurs, investors, solo producers, consultants, online teachers, and coaches, and a lot of others are interested in launching businesses in these fields, this manual will focus on marketing and customer-getting models. We will talk about how to apply mental models in order to take advantage of some of the opportunities that the unprecedented times we live in have brought to the fore.

Growing or adapting your business at this time needn’t take away from helping others. One might even argue that making yourself more financially sound right now sets you up to do more good in the immediate and long-term future. It doesn’t need to be either/or. We can do both.


The Blockbuster model aims to help you get published on top sites in your niche, write articles that go viral, build your business completely off of content (if you want), get people knocking on your door to work with you, and scale the number of people you reach.

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This is the recording of the entire Summit. The Blockbuster part starts at 17:58.

Coaching Call #1

This coaching call is fully about applying the Blockbuster model.

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