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Idea Machine

Idea Machine

Quick Summary

The problem we are addressing in this manual is that you want a blockbuster idea to start a business or be a thought leader, but you don’t have one.

The solution to this problem is a process to come up with high-value ideas at will.

Here’s why becoming an idea machine is such a powerful concept:

  • In a world of abundance, creativity is a scarce resource. In other words, we have all these amazing tools at our disposal so anyone can be a creator. The trouble and the opportunity is, not all creators’ ideas are good.
  • A great idea is the ultimate creator of value.
  • Certain ideas can be one million times more useful than others, which makes them comparatively more valuable.
  • One idea can change your life and other people's lives. You can write a book or create a course around it so your idea spreads and perhaps changes a culture or catapults the company onto the map.

Now, it can feel like a lot of the best ideas are already taken, but with the model I’m about to show you, you can easily see that almost none of the great ideas are taken yet and there are many fertile opportunities to choose from.

This model of Idea Machine has technology as a big part of it and that’s because we are in a period of unprecedented change driven by technology. It’s changing rapidly, and rapid change is confusing for most people.

That gives an opportunity to thought leaders to see the meteors coming and to think about them in advance. As the change comes you could be the thought leader who contextualizes the change and explains what's happening and how people can prepare for it, what they can do to succeed in this new world.

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