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Quotable Creator

Quotable Creator

Quick Summary

This month, we're focusing on a mental model for writing, which falls under the thought leadership category of models we study in the Mental Model Club.

The Quotable Creator model is about simplifying your ideas down to their essence and turning them into blockbusters.

Rather than the typical approach of writing long forms and getting everything out of your head, the Quotable Creator approach is more about writing one really good sentence at a time and practicing creating a sentence so good that others would regularly share it; then adding the next sentence, and so on.

This model builds on other models we talked about in the Mental Model Club because, in before you can become a quotable creator you need to:

  1. Cement the learning process and have a pool of quality ideas (which is where the Idea Value Chain model helps)
  2. Have a process to clarify and select rare & valuable ideas (model: Outlier Algorithm)
  3. Name those ideas (model: Trademark Idea)
  4. Package them (model: Quotable Creator)

Here’s why I believe you should take this path versus the regular path of “just go out there and start writing”:

  • It dramatically reduces the number of skills you need in order to get traction
  • It’s easier to turn it into a habit
  • It’s an easy way to validate whether you should expand on an idea
  • Once you've simplified an idea, it's easier to expand
  • You can do the work while walking
  • Individual quotes can be anthologized into long posts
  • It’s easy for others to consume, remember, and share

In this manual, we will go over the step-by-step process of becoming a quotable creator, show examples of thought leaders who have started that way, and give some exercises so you can start applying it simply and easily.

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