Visual Thinking
Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

Quick Summary

Our focus this month is the visual aspect of thinking and modeling.

A large percentage of the brain is dedicated to vision, and we've had that part for a lot longer than we've had abstract thinking and the ability to create models in the way that we think about them here in the Mental Model Club.

There’s a zone where thinking and vision and visualization intersect with each other, and when you can differentiate and integrate these two domains, you can become very effective with knowledge — both with using it inside of your own mind and with expressing it / teaching it / sharing it with others.

As visual thinking is a huge area, in this manual we focus on scratching the surface and helping you develop the 80/20 of visual thinking skills for thought leaders.

That means, we will learn about turning sentences — quotes — into visuals, and build from there.

If you're creating content online and you are just getting started, 99% of people will only see your title and the image in their news feed and only 1% of people will click through. That’s why for thought leaders it’s worth becoming really good at this as one single quote you present in a visually appealing way can be a powerful way to convert people.

We will be talking grammar and sentence diagramming. Taking sentences apart often helps us clarify our thinking and better understand what it is that we want to say, and for many people, it’s a precursor to starting to draw and figure out how the ideas fit together. Finding the right words and their relations is the key to creating effective visuals and the process we’re going to talk about helps you choose the right words and visual formats to experiment with.

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