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I like to think about skills in two broad categories:

  1. Trade skills that help you do your job better. If you’re in I.T., that would mean becoming really good at I.T., or if you're coaching, becoming a really good coach.
  2. Communication skills that help you communicate the value of what you do, and before that, to grab people's attention so they become aware of what you do.

In many ways, if you're a better communicator but not as much of an expert, you'll probably be more successful in business and get more customers than someone who's a better expert but terrible at communication.

One might even argue that your survival as a business owner depends on your ability to communicate online, and that mastering that skill is in the 80/20 of running a successful business.

In this manual, you will learn:

  1. Who are the gatekeepers standing between your content and a massive audience
  2. What skills you need to get past the gatekeepers
  3. How to master those skills and become the recognized expert in your field.

The Value Hook model is the synthesis of many years of conceptual development and thousands of experiments. It’s a model that we perfected in our own business and are now teaching others for the first time.

We sincerely hope that you too will find value in it.

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