Fractal Productivity
Fractal Productivity

Fractal Productivity

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Being off the clock implies time freedom, yet time freedom stems from time discipline. You must know where the time goes in order to transcend the ceaseless ticking.―Laura Vanderkam, time management expert

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Futurists of the past all came to the same conclusion.

Labor-saving devices and technologies were going to make work obsolete (sound familiar?). Our biggest challenge wasn’t going to be working too much, it was going to be what to do with all of our free time.

And, of course, we’d have more options. Options galore! Choices about what to eat, how to spend our time, what information to consume, and what to buy. Yet, here we are buying and consuming products and services that ultimately shorten our lives (junk food), make us lazy (television), and make us poor (credit card debt). Counterintuitively, many of the economic decisions we make actually have a net negative long-term effect.

What happened?

Until we answer these questions, we cannot create the future we want...

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