104 Places to Find Work-from-Home Proofreading Jobs


Why are we directing applicants to other proofreading companies? My name is Luke, CEO of ProofreadingServices.com. I wrote this guide because we receive hundreds of applications daily, but I'm able to hire only those proofreaders who score above 95% on our test. I wanted to help other applicants in their job search (I was there once, too) while also generating another revenue source for my company to defray our considerable recruiting costs (we advertise our careers page widely to find phenomenal applicants). Radical transparency and honesty might not be common in today's business world, but I thought I'd lead with that, since that's how I run my company. On to the guide... It's 58 pages and includes 104 scam-free companies. Could you find them on your own? Probably. Would it make any sense for you to spend 20 hours doing that and then another 10 hours eliminating scams? No. This guide can help you streamline your job search so you can find work faster and spend more time doing the things you love. Example Pages Page 52 - https://goo.gl/vEwb6e Page 56 - https://goo.gl/6fuFjG

What It Includes