One Nation Under Stress


  • Type: documentary
  • Creator: Sanjay Gupta2q


"In the 1960s, Americans had among the highest life expectancy in the world. Today, the US ranks at the bottom of major developed nations.

6:40 - we're looking at an increasingly stressed society. - sanjay's mentor, Cyril Dewett

10:40 - "What makes psychological stress so corrosive is lack of control, lack of predictability, lack of social support." - Robert Sapolsky


  • When you think about what's happening in the United States now—these spikes in the white working class—live cirhossis, opioid overdose, and suicide—do you think that stress is the root problem here?" —sanjay
  • "Oh! Absolutely! Our lives are more psychologically corroded by stress... Am I valued? Do I have a meaningful place in the community? Is this a community I can rely upon? Why am I here?" —Robert Sapolsky


  • Enough people have died of deaths of despair to make it of the same order of magnitude as all the people who died of AIDS in the US since the beginning of the AIDS crisis. Those mortality changes were large enough to cause life expectancy to fall, first for whites, and then for the entire population. And that's a really unusual event." -Anne Case