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Turns the best essays on Bitcoin/crypto into mini-documentaries.
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ComedyPersonal StoriesInterview
In-depth convos with comedians, musicians, and actors. Started off with just comedians.
ComedyPersonal StoriesInterview
InterviewArtificial IntelligenceScience
In-depth convos on AI, philosophy, spirituality, health, and science.
Essential Life-Learnings from 14 Years of Brain Pickings
Antidotes to Fear of Death: Astrophysicist Janna Levin Reads Astronomer and Poet Rebecca Elson’s Stunning Cosmic Salve for Our Creaturely Tremblings of Heart
Yes to Life, in Spite of Everything: Viktor Frankl’s Lost Lectures on Moving Beyond Optimism and Pessimism to Find the Deepest Source of Meaning
Seasons in a Pandemic: Mary Shelley on What Makes Life Worth Living and Nature’s Beauty as a Lifeline to Regaining Sanity
Creativity in the Time of COVID: Zadie Smith on Writing, Love, and What Echoes Through the Hallway of Time Suddenly Emptied of Habit
I Long to Read More in the Book of You: Moomins Creator Tove Jansson’s Tender and Passionate Letters to the Love of Her Life
Bloom: A Touching Animated Short Film about Depression and What It Takes to Recover the Light of Being
The Cosmic Miracle of Trees: Astronaut Leland Melvin Reads Pablo Neruda’s Love Letter to Earth’s Forests
Standing on the Shoulders of Solitude: Newton, the Plague, and How Quarantine Fomented the Greatest Leap in Science
Nick Cave on Living with Loss and the Central Paradox of Grief as a Portal to Aliveness
Walt Whitman on What Makes a Great Person and What Wisdom Really Means
Singularity: Marie Howe’s Ode to Stephen Hawking, Our Cosmic Belonging, and the Meaning of Home, in a Stunning Animated Short Film
The Radical Act of Letting Things Hurt: How (Not) to Help a Friend in Sorrow
Octavia Butler on How (Not) to Choose Our Leaders
The Spirit of the Woods: Poet and Painter Rebecca Hey’s Gorgeous 19th-Century Illustrations for the World’s First Encyclopedia of Trees
What It Takes to Grow Up, What It Means to Have Grown
The Osbick Bird: Edward Gorey’s Tender and Surprising Vintage Illustrated Allegory About the Meaning of True Love
A Lifeline for the Hour of Despair: James Baldwin on 4AM, the Fulcrum of Love, and Life as a Moral Obligation to the Universe
How an Artist is Like a Tree: Paul Klee on Creativity
How to Live and How to Die
For 15 years, Maria Popova has been spending hundreds of hours following and sharing her curiosity.
Conferences with short presentations that showcase important research and ideas from all disciplines from brilliant thinkers and explore how they connect.
Investigative ReportingProfileStorytelling
Dedicated to helping people find and share the best storytelling in the world.