16 - 5 - Blotto and Competition

Game Theory

"There's a sense in which the winner of the presidential election is luck, because it comes down to economic shocks going their way. And at the other extent, we ca n also say, look, another way to think about these presidential elections, though, is it's this elaborate game of blotto. They're each trying to figure out where to allocate their resources, where to spend their time, where to spend their money, trying to convince voters, And except not only electoral college, but to win different factions of voters. Cuz you can also make a Blotto game playing out on factions of voters. What you get from those two lenses, and of course the other two lenses, is just a much richer understanding of the nature of political competition. It's gonna make you better able to predict what's gonna happen, also better understand what's going on and better able to think about how do you design institutions to pick a president. Again, which is one of the things we wanna do modeling for."- Transcript from Scott Page Coursera

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