16 - 2 - Blotto_ No Best Strategy

Game Theory

"If you're playing a mixed strategy, If you're playing a equilibrium strategy, then there isn't any strategic ability. We can just cross this out and it's all just going to come down to luck. So against really smart players, Blotto may end up equal numbers of troops, Blotto's probably luck. We have maybe one player who is smarter than the other, or one player with more troops than the other. Then Blotto starts becoming more skilled. But again, the interesting thing about Blotto. Anything can be beaten. You don't need all your troops, and it really comes down to, Where is that other person gonna put their troops. So, what you want to do is not be understood. You want to be confusing to the other person so you want to random off. So, it's an interesting g ame. Alright so, that's the basic Blotto. Where we're gonna go next is we're going to think a little bit more deeply about this idea of one side having an advantage and see what that means for the nature of competition. We're also gonna talk about why Blotto has become interesting again."- Transcript from Scott Page Coursera

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