12 - 5 - Coordination and Consistency


"There's two people, they meet, they each have this vector of actions or beliefs or attitudes, whatever you want to call them. And when the leader and follower meet, they look at the second dimension, let's say the follower says, well you're a three, I'm a one, I'll switch that to a three. That's what coordination is, you switch your action. You put the ketchup where your friends put the ketchup. What would consistency be? Well, consistency would just be this: you look at yourself, now these values, 5, 3, 1, 4, have meaning. Five is close to five, four is close to four. And you look and you think, I'm five on the first, I'm one on the second. And that doesn't make any sense, so you switch and become five on both. "- Transcript from Scott Page Coursera

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