Lesson #3: The Most Useful And Universal Models

The Master List Of Super Models

I created the largest master list of mental models in the world!!! It contains the top models of the top mental model collectors. These models are created by everyone from philosophers, to researchers, to entrepreneurs and executives.

If you're overwhelmed by this at first, it's ok. You know those situations where you meet a group of 10 strangers, and you greet everyone one by one, share your names, look each other in the eye, and shake hands? This is sort of like that :) You're not going to remember everyone, but you will get a feel for what's out there. If you notice a few that look really interesting, go ahead and explore them!

The Most Useful And Universal Super Models

Let's do the simple math. Let's say it takes 10 hours to get to basic mastery on any one model:

650 models x 10 hours = 6,500 hours

That's a lot of freaking hours! Where do we even get started?

The first step to learning Super Models after you have a basic understanding of most of them is to start with the most important ones first and focus on learning those to mastery.

This is where the Mental Model Club comes in. We've helped narrow down the most valuable Super Models, and we set up a structure for you to learn the models to mastery. This saves you dozens of hours determining which ones to start exploring first.

With that said, here are what I think are the Top 12 Most Useful & Universal Mental Models. These are the models we're going to focus on first with the Mental Model Of The Month Club.

View the high-resolution version of the infographic by 
View the high-resolution version of the infographic by clicking here.

So, now you understand that there are all these different mental models in lots of different categories. In this lesson, we're going to explore how they're all connected to each other.

Today's lesson is a 5-minute video: