Pushing The Bounds Of Curiosity, Language, And The Creative Process With Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy is an artist, writer, and creator of the award-winning blog, Indexed. She uses visual storytelling to let readers draw their own conclusions and actively participate in each narrative. Since 2006, Jessica has been a freelance illustrator for clients around the world. Her diagrams and illustrations depict everything from business strategies to sly puns.

Jessica’s work has been published in various web formats, galleries, books, magazines, newspapers, television outlets, and advertising campaigns. She is also the author of many books, including How to Be Interesting and The Art of War Visualized.

In this episode…

Are you a creator looking to find inspiration and gain a new perspective about the world? Do you want to improve your creative process and publish content across multiple industries?

As a widely known writer, artist, and creator, Jessica Hagy is combining humor, visual design, and storytelling to make something unique. Her exploration of language, translations, and the origin of words has led her to a niche that spans across industries where she can transform how we look at the world. This line of creative work has allowed her to expand her curiosity, and now she’s here to share her methods with you.

In this episode of The Michael Simmons Show, writer and artist Jessica Hagy talks with host Michael Simmons about how she creates content. Jessica shares exercises that help her stay curious, tips for posting content consistently, and strategies for incorporating feedback and engaging with an audience. Stay tuned.