Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy To Create Happy Customers With André Chaperon And Shawn Twing

André Chaperon is an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, and Co-Founder of Tiny Little Businesses, a company that helps people create small—but important—businesses. André left his job in the corporate world at the age of 30 to start Tiny Little Businesses, and he has helped many fellow entrepreneurs develop long-term relationships with their patrons.

Shawn Twing is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing and President of Barn Door Media. He helps clients identify business models, implement marketing strategies, and bring their business to its full potential. Shawn has been named one of the top experts in the world on paid traffic.

In this episode…

Customer connections are vital to the success of a business, but your marketing approach might be driving them away. So how do you secure positive interactions with customers, and what are the best strategies for optimizing your business?

André Chaperon and Shawn Twing are writers and thought leaders that have two decades worth of marketing knowledge. With experience in scaling their own business, André and Shawn can help anyone find the most successful system for building their business—and have created courses to help creators like you do just that.

In this episode of The Michael Simmons Show, host Michael Simmons is joined by André Chaperon, Co-Founder of Tiny Little Businesses, and Shawn Twing, President of Barn Door Media. They discuss the best marketing models, the benefits of setting aside time for learning, and how to create long-lasting relationships with happy customers. Stay tuned.