Creating A Constructive Feedback Loop With Jono Hey, Chief Product Officer At Zen Educate

Jono Hey is the Chief Product Officer of Zen Educate, an online staffing platform and social enterprise that directly connects schools and teachers. Jono is a product leader, startup veteran, and all-around guru when it comes to user experience research, design, business strategy, and product management. His invigorating and user-focused approach to the user experience has helped companies like (and many more!) establish and transform their brand.

Jono earned his Ph.D. in Design from the University of California, Berkeley. When Jono isn't revolutionizing the way we consider design, he shares one sketch a week on his website

In this episode…

What daily or weekly habits have you kept up with for years? This could be anything: journaling, afternoon napping, listening to music while you make your daily schedule. Jono Hey, Chief Product Officer at Zen Educate, has created one sketch every week for seven years to deconstruct abstract scenarios into simple ideas—and sharpen his user experience skills.

Jono Hey uses his eye for user experience (UX) design and creating stellar product management processes to take abstract ideas and simplify them into weekly sketches. Over the last seven years, he has fine-tuned his approach for creating an idea feedback loop and redefining the bounds of what it means to be creative.

In this week's episode of The Michael Simmons Show, host Michael Simmons sits down with Jono Hey, Chief Product Officer at Zen Educate. They discuss what it means to be a creator and how to create a positive internal and external feedback loop for constructive work from ideation to application. Jono talks about his process for creating sketches and staying consistent when considering quality over quantity. He also shares his thoughts on the power of visual communication and its evolution online.