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Communication is the means by which everything happens. It is where you decide just how you are going to interact with this ideal customer as they move through their considerations. There are 4 types of communication channel, Owned, Rented, Paid and Earned media. You can pick any combination and ratio of the four, there are no other options, but within each there are multitudes of options, both digital and analogue. Owned is yours, your website, newsletter, you own it, you can do with it what you like. Paid media is pretty obviously advertising, digital and/or analogue, with a huge number of options. Rented is your space on social media platforms, you are renting the space in return for your information that the platform owner uses to sell advertising. Earned media is the good stuff, the referrals, links and backlinks. I do not include likes, as it is just too easy, there is no skin in the game, but to write a comment or explicitly share takes some effort.—Allen Roberts

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